2008 11thBeijing International Art Exposition’s
Detailed Rules and Regulations

2008 11th Beijing International Art Exposition is a platform of culture and art between communication and trade, which exhibit internal and external artworks, improve Chinese and foreign culture communication. For this exposition’s efficient operation, the Committee stipulates and carries out this details, and has authority of modify and explain the details. The detailed rules and regulations have binding force for all the committee members and exhibitors.
·      SCALE
The total size of the exhibition hall is more than 13, 000 square meters, with more than 200 international booths.
·      DATE & VENUE
Duration: From May 4 to May 8, 2008
Opening Period: May 4 to 6, from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm everyday (stop entrance at 3 pm May
Venue: 1st F, Exhibition Hall of China World Trade Center, Beijing, China (No.1 Jian Guo Men Wai Avenue Beijing, China )
Exhibitors: China and foreign art galleries, art companies, art academies, and folk art organizations.
Categories: Chinese painting, oil painting, sculpture, calligraphy, photography, and decorative art, etc.
(1) The exhibitors’ enrollment up to January 15, 2008, as the same of the traveling merchants.
(2) Exhibitors sign up with fill in a application form. Traveling merchants sign up with fill in visit entry form; also enter one’s name on internet.
(3) We sincerely supply every trading delegations and exhibition traveling merchants with consulting service, connecting customers, reception service. Please offer information of your art works to us before the exhibition.
(1) The Booth Include: Exhibitors’ boards are wooden panels of 5cm in depth and 3m in height. Every booth has one desk, tow chairs, eight lights, carpet and a set of lintel words.
(2) The Exhibition Hall provides business service center, news center, telephone, consigning for shipment and other services.
1.      Booth (Euro)            A Type 3380 Euro /booth (3m×6m);
2.      Booth (Euro)            A Type 3180 Euro /booth (3m×6m);
We will confirm booths depend on your application. 
The problems of exhibit transport, customs declare, display items get into exhibition hall, load and unload, package box preservation, exhibit return transport and payment that seek counsel of exhibition’s general transport agency
(1) Exhibitors and the exposition staff post a two decimeters photograph and exhibitor registry to the Committee’s making card center that handle exhibit card
(2) Traveling merchants should hold passport, business card and a two decimeters photograph, fill in entry form, and go to the registration desk to take the exhibitor card.
(1) Installation Period: Special booth is installed on May 2-May 3; standard booth is installed on May 3, 8:00-19:00. If work overtime that will be examined and approved by Service Center. The overtime would only latest to 24:00 that day. Close the exhibition for safe examination at 15:00 May 3.
(2) Exhibiting Districts Planning: Theme Area, Overseas Area, Gallery Area, and Art Academy Area.
(3) Special install or dismantle interval board, please before March 15 you hold design drawing, blueprints, three-dimensional drawing, certification of work unit, schematic diagram of board dismantle, and electricity expense that to work on after notice committee to examine and approve. Material of install and electric wire must be fire prevention.
(4) Assemble of the special booth should take shape at outside of exhibition hall, and load in it. The first booth’s height shouldn’t more than 6 meters, and other booth’s height shouldn’t more than 3 meters.
(5) If modification after installation that the committee stipulates that the modifiers pay 10 U.S. per board for modification payment.
(6) Lintel of stander booth will be unified make and install by committee. Exhibitors need alter or load and unload lintel that could application in addition, and besides payment.
(7) Installation shouldn’t occupy passage way, obstruct installation of prevent fire, and public place. Trash and package box should be clear away immediately. Don’t get display items into exhibition hall during exhibition period.
(8) If you rent instruments for exhibition, please connect with us in advance.
Once the entire booth rental is paid, exhibitors are entitled to operate the booth. Without the Committee’s authority in written form, no exhibitor is allowed to lend the booth entirely or partially, upon or without consideration to others. Illegally occupying the passages and any shared area are strictly forbidden. Artworks and products that are not submitted in the application cannot be shown or advertised in the booth. Otherwise, the exhibitor shall be legally responsible for breaking the contract, and the Committee has the right to revoke the exhibitor’s participation qualification and the exhibitor shall be liable for the full booth rental.
(1) The Committee will publish a color catalogue to show the information of the exhibitors and images of the exhibits. Assign catalogue page details: the exhibitor with a booth (18 square meters) will obtain one pages free of charge in the catalogue, and every exhibitor will gain two catalogues. Only one image can be published on a page, if exhibitors want increase pages in the catalogue, the price is 12 Euro /page for increase pages payment. 
(2) Exhibitors should provide:
Color photograph or reverse picture (please note clearly reverse picture’s front, back, up, down), both indicate artist, title, size, materials and year. Or CD-Rom, please make sure the image is high resolution of 300dpi or higher in JPG format. Please mark artist, title, size, materials and year of the image. Images of insufficient resolution and quality shall not be included in the catalogue.
Exhibitors can provide the design of your pages on the catalogue in PDF Format The Committee will take it into consideration when editing the catalogue according to the overall design.
(3) After fill in the catalogue form with complete, accuracy and clear of the information, please post the form to us. Information not received within the deadline will be regarded as forfeiting the right to publish in the Exposition Catalogue, and such losses shall be the sole responsibility of the exhibitor.
(4) The Committee reserves the right to edit the catalogue with the final decision.
The Exposition will be held May 4 to 8, from 9:30 to 18:00. It does not close at noon, and does not take rest at holiday.
·      DISMANTLING            
(1)Time: At 3 pm, May 8.
(2) Exhibitors shouldn’t withdraw before the end.
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